Korff View on Religions

Kalvin Korff was into born a Christian family. Although Kalvin didn't exhibit any depth of belief, knowledge or practice in the religion, his family did recognize the holidays; Christmas, Easter, etc., much in the same way any secular family would have as well.

At some point Korff was made aware of his Jewish heritage by his mother who has Jewish heritage, and of high interest for our research, his mothers blood line go back to Czechoslovakia. Might this be way Korff decided on the CZ as his relocation country? Korff's father is said to have "kept quiet" about his wife's Jewish heritage, although this is not confirmed.

Korff moved to the Czech Republic in approximately 1999. Our research tells us that between 1999 and 2008, Korff didn't discuss any Jewish interest with anyone from back in the USA and no published articles can be found in which Korf wrote about his interest in the religion.

In 2008, Korff started to mention a little bit more about it and here seemed to start Korff burgeoning interest in the faith.

In 2010 Korff's public stance and verbal recognition of the faith increased dramatically. He stated that he was now a Jew (his term) and his faith took a greater placement in Korff's life. Korff started referring to the Jewish religion, lifestyle, terms, etc. at a much greater frequency.

Why the change? One might assume that Korff started down this path to facilitate being more accepted, or looking for acceptance by the people he found himself living among. It can't be easy to live the life of a counter intelligence professional; no friends, you can't speak the language, far away from family and friends, etc.

It's not to marginalize Korff's religious belief's, he's welcome to them. However, his behaviour actually got worse after his "conversion", not an outcome one would expect from someone getting closer to God.

Over time we will endeavour to share with the interested, Korff's views on religion.

Face Book: Posted on January 15, 2012
NOTE: Notice here how Korff is "seeking" an alternative, a "third party", to change things up. One ponders this Korffisum; what does Korff mean? In what way will Korff seek an alternative, while living in India, while fighting communism and international terrorism, while producing nanodust, while simultaneously running the "iPads for Peace" organization, while running his CriticalThinkers metaorganization, while meeting his deadline as a Syndicated Investigative Journalist with Military Reporting Clearance? Ponder away.