Korff e-mail Address Lies

Here we focus on a behaviour pattern which Korff assumed no one would pick up on. This pattern is so childish and so transparent that we could use this single example of delusional behaviour to prove Korff's instability beyond a shadow of any doubt.
Korff enlisted the help of a few people (real or fanatsy?) to assist him in the manufacturing of e-mails, images and documents to support his ever increasing claims and threats.
Every time any of these people would send out material they used Korff's e-mail address (kalkorff@kalkorff.com). When " they" did presented another address on that material, those "new" addresses (and web site URL's) never worked. Only the Korff e-mail address worked.

Examples of Korff e-mail address lies.

"Harkabi will be modifying his email account so he can start to receive emails from you." LINK

"I encourage people to ask away, just contact Avim at our one and only universal email address." LINK

Martina Tycova sent out a threat against a bigfoot researcher. In this image she uses her web site address as her point of contact ~ www.martinatycova.net. This URL forwards to www.kalkorff.com. LINK

All Martina material was sent out using Korff's e-mail address.

Avim Ashkenazi sent out a few images which used a new address. This email address and it's accompanying web site URL never worked.

All Avim e-mails we're sent out using Korff's e-mail address.

Korff also used this bogus e-mail address (and web site URL) when he was threatening the people involved with his brothers legal troubles. LINK

And yet another fake e-mail address that never worked.

Korff's personal template web site has been down since the end of 2011 LINK Korff has been using the Yahoo web-based e-mail service as his one and only universal email address: