Korff on Language

Kalvin Korff has been floating the claim that he can speak a number of languages. This is a lie. 

Septemeber 8, 2006 - LINK

Korff: Royce, I was put into special schools and classes as a kid. I have an IQ of 219 ( a matter of public record) and in my Freshman year in high school alone (I am not exaggerating) I took seven foreign languages! I just love and am fascinated by EVERYTHING I don't know. I am recognized worldwide for being a man "who knows how to get things done".... so as the 1990s drew to a close, it was OBVIOUS to me "the Islam thing" was coming. The signs were all there as I explain in 1979 and Iran was the catalyst and it is NOT a "coincidence" that Iran has come BACK to haunt us today. DUH!

Korff, "Now They Will Call Me Colonel Kurtz, Like The Guy From Apocalypse Now!"

We present this video to prove that after living for 10 years in the CZ, Korff could not converse with the native people using thier most common phrases like; Hello, Goodbye, Thank You, You're Welcome, etc.