Korff Klassics

Here, we present to you a number of Klassic Korff videos which we've re-edited to reflect the truth. These videos are the reason why Korff hasn't posted any new videos since May of 2011. Korff knows that any videos he posts will be poached and re-edited, so why bother?

Posted July 27, 2007
" Fake News Conference"

Posted July 27, 2007
"All This is Make Believe"

" Kal Korff is a Thief" - Part 1

Korff pulled these two videos off the
Internet shortly after he posted them.

" Kal Korff is a Thief" - Part 2

More "Korff is a Thief" information

Kult of Kal - Video One

Kult of Kal - Video Two

Another fake news interview.

Also, there are many claims and many more lies in
this video. You will find the truth on this web site.

A medley of Korff Fake news conferences

March 3, 2012

Korff attempts to change his history again. Notice Korff informed his Facebook friends that many of the videos on his Youtrube channel are "rehearsals". This is a lie. The proof? Do a search of Kal Korff regarding ANY news coverage over the last decade; newspapers, magazines, internet. You will find none.

The video's Korff is referring to are not "rehearsals", they are "interviews" recorded in a room, by himself and then past off as the real thing.