"We'll Try To Change The World One Person At A Time."

November 27, 2010: Korff announces the iPads for Peace Scam
November 29, 2010: Two days later and Korff continues the scam with another claim, but he gives no names....?

November 30, 2010: One day later Korff announces the name of the scam and purchases the URL name; www.pryiamitra.org.

That same day, in response to being questioned on Face Book and on the Kal is an Idiot blog for supplying zero specific information, Korff posts a slim template web site to support the scam

As of February, 2012:
No iPads have ever been given away.

To support this scam even further, Korff announced a "partnership" with a Ohio-based museum that doesn't exist; the "Dayton Museum for Peace". We did locate a similarly named museum in Ohio, the Dayton Peace Museum. We called them and they told us they had never heard of Kal Korff or any project involving iPads for Peace.

Notice the same Korff behaviour; leaving out important information and modifying a little reality-based information just enough to confuse the issue.

The city of Dayton, Ohio is known for the very real Dayton Agreement. This is the well known image used by the city.

Of interest regarding this image is that we found it being used as a Face Book profile image for a man named, Lonnie D. Franks. Mr. Franks is a well known military professional. Information about Franks can be found all over the the web.

Also, it is of high interest that Kalvin Korff is a Face Book friend with Mr. Franks, and even more dubious is a claim that Kalvin Korff made in a e-mail he wrote to his "publisher" regarding the imminent release of his manuscript for his Secret Wars book (or series of books).

In this e-mail Korff stated that a man named, Captain Franks, would be hand delivering the manuscript to Korff's publisher, Prometheus Books. That delivery never happened but more to the point...

Is it too much of an assumption to assume that Korff likes nothing better than to ride on the coat tails of real military men like Mr. Franks, an airman in the intelligence division of the 432nd TRW? And then use their name and the city of Dayton, Ohio to further his book (or series of books) and his iPads for Peace? We think not.

Lonnie D. Franks Facebook Material
More promises never fulfilled. No iPads given away and no legal action taken.

Keep laughing at us Kalvin. The world laughs at you now.

Partners announced: a church and schools in India, zero partners announced in 2011. As for Parkash; no working e-mail, no history on the web, and a laughable bio.
Among other research, Arya College was contacted, they couldn't find a Chander Parkash in their records. More to the point, read over Chander's bio and read over this "interview" Eerily similar in tone, context and use age of language.

This is an obvious Korff deception. Korff mentions "the First Church in India" but he supplies no proper name for the church and he doesn't mention the name of the "pastor." His use of the term "pastor" pointed our research to Christian church's so we Goggled "the First Church in India". If Korff's claim were true that would put the location at - St. Thomas Church Alappuzha, Alappuzha - Changanassery Highway, Kerala 688003, India. It's a very nice church LINK.

We located a person in the Public Relations department of that church as well as a very popular researcher employed by the church "community" (a person who is well known and in the know regarding most everything church related in India).

We asked them about Korff’s claim. Their response, “We have no idea who Kal Korff is.” Is this proof? Good enough for us, after all, Korff purposely left out any real information to support his scam.

The NGO "non -governmental organizations " claim.

Here's the web site talked about in the image above ~ LINK. Search their database for any listing of priyamitra. Now do the same search at this link LINK and you will get zero results.

Notice Korff joined this NGO Face Book group. You can see his name on the left side of the image. Sneaky.